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Here at Upper Beeding Pharmacy, we have been specialising in non-surgical hair and anti-aging treatments for the last 15 years. Our products were originally formulated for the renowned Transform Clinic in Manchester over 30 years ago and have been used widely ever since.

Products are unlicensed and made to order, so a telephone consultation is required in the first instance for safety and governance. 


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Telephone consultation

Call us on 0845 260999 or 01903 250492 to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you

Registered professionals

We operate from a UK registered and regulated pharmacy offering both private and NHS services. 

Hassle free

We recognise that time is an important factor in everyones lives so we make the process as simple and quick as we can, abiding by all relevant legislation.

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Upper Beeding Pharmacy,

High Street, Upper Beeding,

West Sussex, BN44 3HZ


Tel: 0845 2603999

Tel: +44(0)1903 250492

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